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Meridian Data Solutions is NOW Semele Data

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meridian data solutions

is an innovative

and cost-efficient way to subset and

mask production data for testing

Provides access to quality data for testing

• Accelerates the testing process

• Reduces data testing resources and costs

The Meridian Data Solutions Suite:

meridian data solutions for
Financial Services

Meridian Data Solutions enables testers to subset and mask robust production data for quick, easy testing, drastically increasing the efficiency of the test process.  Overall, it can reduce QA & Testing budgets up to 20 – 30% and overall IT budgets by 8 – 12%.

Data breaches are costing the healthcare industry an estimated $6.2 billion every year. Meridian's data de-identification solutions and audit services can reduce your risk of a data breach and ensure HIPAA compliance.

meridian data solutions
for Healthcare


“Meridian’s Sensitive Data Finder solution identified millions of instances of sensitive customer information in our test environment.”


~ Health Insurance Client